UUendy Lau
artist & designer
Peng Chau, Hong Kong
It all started in early February. We never had a lockdown per se but there was a week with very strict measures. The government banned gatherings of more than four people, closed public facilities and businesses that encourage close interactions. In the last two weeks the situation has been getting better but we still have social distance policy in place. It might also be due to the political concern. Chinese government is trying to impose new security laws on Hong Kong and it induces large scale demonstrations. Some believe that the policy is prolonged to keep the protestors off the streets.
I work in the creative industry and I am kind of introverted, so working from home feels fine. Luckily, I am engaged in an ongoing architectural project that lasts for three years. Some freelance projects were cut off but most of them are still on.

Recently I've moved onto a small island, it is really quiet and peaceful. Here I get closer to nature, hike, observe the sea and have private moments. If I manage to escape from my computer, of course. I hoped for more personal time now but then I end up getting distracted by the news or social media and staying up late.

Sometimes I miss wandering in the city. We are free to go anywhere, but now I think that if it is not necessary, I'd rather not go out. My mindset became more "mission oriented".
At the beginning I was more anxious. I followed all the measures, kept the house clean and having everything sterilised. But now most Hongkongers started to get tired and a bit loose because we have been staying alert since February. Also, because we've been through SARS epidemic a couple of years ago. It was less infectious but the death rate was higher. So, we are used to being alert. I can't say I won't get infected, but I am less scared. Because I have tried my best to follow the measures, so if it comes – it comes.

I always have a plan in place, but the pandemic showed how things go away very easily because of disease or natural disaster. Luckily, creative people have the power of making things happen from scratch. I try to stay positive and be involved in projects and curate works. And if there are none – I will just create my own.
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