Kampala, Uganda
Our president has just announced another lockdown for two weeks. It was 14 days at first, then another 21 days and then another 14 days… Let's see what happens next. We also have a curfew from 7 pm to 6:30 am.

I had travel plans for this whole year and now everything has been cancelled. A lot of people are getting tired. Government is not that helpful. Also, we don't have a proper healthcare system.
Government tried to help by giving out food packages to a lot of people who cannot afford food, but that turned out to be a bust because some products turned out to be expired.

The good thing over here is that we are working with other countries to minimise the spread of the virus. We got new tests that give results in two hours or so. E.g. all truck drivers with cargos are now tested at the borders and if the results are positive, they are sent back home.

I work in agricultural sector, which has not been affected that much and now we can go to work because we have special passes. But the two month lockdown messed up our daily routine and it is difficult to get back into habitual working mode.

Am I afraid of getting the virus? Yes, no doubt. It is hard to socialise now, I avoid meeting with people, even with my friends. If I get infected I can't bring it home to my family, my grandmother.
I think that the virus might stay for more than two years, so we can't keep sitting back, we have to keep moving on and get on with our lives. Of course it will take time for all of us to get back to normal. But the new reality is that we'll have to wear masks now regardless of the situation. I am definitely going to wear mask while travelling. There will be less hugs and tactile contacts overall.

Unfortunately some people have other ideas and still think that virus is just a hoax.
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