Nuneaton, UK
I am actually loving it. Most people are not. My husband Alex is home, and we spend a lot of time in the garden and in the allotment. I want us to beat this virus, but really don't want this way of life to end because I am having a lot of family time, and it is amazing.

Alex works in a restaurant, so he was always away from morning till late. We would never be able to sit down at the table together and have dinner – four of us. Restaurants might open in the beginning of July, but it's not certain yet. I am a retoucher, and I don't have much job now, because many photographers are out of work too.
We are redecorating, managed to clean the house, finally sorted the garden. We have an allotment – we are renting a place where we grow vegetables. We've been working there as well.

We used to wear masks, gloves but at some point we stopped. We are keeping social distance, we are healthy and barely see anyone.

What I really miss is going to the library with my daughters and seeing friends. My younger daughter Karina is fine, but my elder daughter, Emilia, has been bored for a while. She hasn't seen any kids for more than 2 months, so she's been sad.

In the beginning of the lockdown we were a bit worried because shops were running out of food, and we weren't sure if we'd still have access to the allotment. So, we made a small vegetable garden in the backyard
About vaccination. I think, they will invent the vaccine and will make it compulsory for travel, which is going to be a problem because I don't want any vaccines. I don't think they work as they are supposed to work, and they have a lot of side effects. My kid had some health issues that vaccines caused, so we are not doing that.

I'm afraid that we will be facing a second wave after the lockdown is eased. So, we are trying to think of other sources of income because we need money. Otherwise, I haven't been that calm in years. The whole family is home.
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