Tel-Aviv, Israel
It all began at the end of March, Israel went into quarantine straight away. It was prohibited to work and all public places closed for two months. It looked like a scene from "Contagion" – surrounded neighbourhoods, troops with machine guns.

Why do I know a lot about this virus? We used to pick up people who were diagnosed with the virus from their apartments and transport them to a special car.

Then they were then transported to quarantine in the north of Israel to hotels outside the localities. Why was I driving, if I could have refused? It is not heroism, not fanaticism, not a show-off. Someone has to do this work. I easily coped with this because I was not nervous. It may sound cynical, but I laughed at everything — at masks, panic, mass psychosis...

In general, Israel handled it well because we have a disciplined society. And a scared one. Now it's all over, people are completing the quarantine and return home. But for the newly arrived, quarantine is still required. They are immediately taken to hotels where they live 2 weeks at the expense of the state. The borders are closed, but new repatriates arrive.
The government announced the lift of quarantine with security measures in place. You can already see people without masks, but you still have to wear them in different institutions, also temperature measurement continues.

The impact of this crisis is already showing, and will stay with us for a long time. Many companies will leave the market and never return. The law of the crisis: the strong become stronger, the weak become even weaker. Tourism won't exist for at least two years.

The world will change forever, for the worse – since people realized that they are neither almighty nor immortal. There will be thirst for consumption, insane purchases, insane deeds, catching up on what has been left out during the quarantine. People will live every day like it's their last day, being afraid that they will not have other time to live.
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