account manager in advertising network
Sevastopol, Russia
I didn't take it seriously when I first heard about the coronavirus outbreak in China. When something like this happens 9 hours away from your country, it seems unlikely to get to you. When my company started talking about switching to a remote mode, I supported the idea, but didn't think it'll last longer than a month. Now we've been sitting at home for 2.5 months, and I will work remotely for, at least, all summer. Meaning my quarantine will last six months. At the same time, the workload remained the same, or even increased. At some point, I noticed that being at home I work longer hours than usual. It became necessary to regulate this, start closing the laptop on schedule and switch off.
Regular training became an integral part of my life and helped me a lot. In quarantine, it became apparent how physical activity helps relieve the stress. I am not very different from other people – the hardest thing for me is to stay inside these four walls, not being able to change the situation around me or go out, have dinner with my friends, do sports and beauty treatments, have lunch with my colleagues every Friday. After a month and a half of isolation, we made a rather risky decision to fly out of Moscow to another city, to a country house by the sea, where the situation is not as severe. Here we were able to return to a more diverse way of life, as well as spend time with a small part of our large family, communicate closely for the first time in quite some time.
It turned out that we can get along pretty well. That is a very meaningful experience for me, and I'm glad that everything turned out that way. In general, being close to nature in the company of a loved one and my family,
I feel more than comfortable. Nevertheless, I really look forward to when everything (hopefully) comes back to normal, I will be able to meet with friends, walk around Moscow, rush to work and enjoy an evening back home after a busy day.

Someday this will end, and, if we do not go mad, we will come out of it more conscientious about many things, and will truly value our freedom.
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