English teacher
Kerala, India
We are over 40 days into the lockdown here, and it has left a trail of devastation with little hope of a decent future. A lot of people are out without jobs now, and there is a lingering sense of uncertainty that has settled all over the country. I work as a communicative English teacher which requires close interaction with my students, and post lockdown I don't know how it's all going to work out.

The first couple of weeks into the lockdown had been very intense with everything being restricted. The government decided to ease up on restrictions by dividing the country into different zones and accordingly control economic activity. The economy is on the brink of collapse under lockdown, and the government has finally decided to loosen these tough restrictions and may lift the lockdown altogether soon.
But the infections are soaring and the future looks bleak. Anyway, for how long can you control the people? The lockdown has been brutal on the poorest and daily wage earners. Can you see your children hungry or watch them starve?Being confined for such a long time has been overwhelming. My dogs have helped me make this transition, and I'd be miserable without them.

These days, people have been so busy with their lives with no time to introspect. Such a lifestyle is always met with dire consequences which affects everyone in the society. We've all realised the importance of a lot of things we've taken for granted before this time. Most of us are so lost chasing after worldly pleasures and recognition that we forget how fleeting our life really is. This has been a reality check as we've witnessed numerous lives lost and business empires collapse due to this pandemic. This chaos should help us humble down, if nothing else. Let's hope we won't be like the dog that returns to its vomit, when all this is over.
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