Moscow, Russia
I've spent 96 days in self-isolation out of town. Numbers don't mean much anymore. There's a lingering sense of timelessness.
I haven't been bored at all because there are too many things that interest me, things I usually don't have time or energy for. I have started to do a lot of stretching, cooking, reading and dance classes online. I haven't put my jeans on since day one (no, it's not connected with my unbottled passion for cooking). During this time, me and my family managed to move to another house and coexist together for 96 days straight – for the first time in eleven years. Epic. I also managed to wallow with a 38.7 degrees fever and suspicion of corona, self-isolate in my room for a while, test for antibodies twice, pull my lower back and undergo my first gastroscopy. Like I said – no time to be bored.
But most importantly – I have initiated a full-scope personal project – The Unlockable Minds; first of such kind since I finished Uni. It all began with trying out remote web-camera photography. Such shoots stretched for hours due to long conversations about what affected every single one of us this spring. In the absence of free choice, my introverted nature suddenly decided to get far out of the comfort zone, beyond the international borders and closed airports. I haven't seen some of the participants for over 6 years, while having met with others one day before self-isolation. Once upon a time, we were all brought together by physical presence in common space – one city, house, work. Now everything has worked out the other way round.

This project is my sudden and overwhelming therapy. An opportunity to reconnect with so many acquaintances, to meet up unconstrained by time and space. To draw a beautifully sweeping map of friends from all over the world, where everyone is unique but equal in the face of the pandemic.

Against all odds, these three months have not taken away from me. Each story – is my personal trophy of this past spring, and altogether they are a long-lasting inspiration for the future projects.

Now I am back to the city, and inside it feels like the moment before take-off. I don't know where and when the flight is, but I am looking forward to finally landing on my feet.
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