account executive
Frankfurt, Germany
As many Western European countries, we are slowly adjusting to the new regime and rules. It's not always easy but compared to a few countries in a full lockdown for months, we're feeling quite fortunate. We were never restricted in going out, so naturally, it helped to keep up the good spirit and stress to a minimum.

Like I'm sure many people around, I have set up so many plans and ideas on how to go about my days having so much space and time in the house. Some things have worked and lasted, while others fell apart quickly.
Why? Because it takes a lot more time to change your habits than just a few months. While working out every day in the mornings in front of the TV had only benefits in my mind at the time, the regularity has quickly started declining from 4 times a week, to 3, to 2… Luckily, two things that stuck and helped me go through this period was my art and meditation practice. I haven't stopped working on my painting, pottery and went through tons of meditation courses. Feels like having a passion outside of your job is powerful when it comes to months of self-isolation.

So now that we're finally starting to live normal again, I find most joy in laying in my hammock at the terrace surrounded by 43 different plants. (Who's to say it's too many?!)
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