Cape Town, South Africa
Me and my husband were about to immigrate to Australia in the mid-April. Everything was sorted – visas, accommodation, jobs. And then all of this happened, borders closed, no flights. And we already gave notice at work and to our landlord, so we had to move somewhere really quick.

Lockdown arrived on 26 March and lasted for three weeks. Exercise, walking outside and walking your dog were prohibited. Many people here live in apartments and their dogs are used to walking on the beach but they've been confined for a month. Pretty cruel. You could only buy groceries or work in essential services. Later, the lockdown was prolonged for two more weeks. Opening up has four phases. Some businesses have opened, you can exercise and walk your dog between 6am and 9am. I'm just glad I have a dog and not a child at the moment. That would be anarchy!
I've been a chef for ten years and haven't done anything else. Chefs obviously can't work from home. We got a couples position at a hotel in Australia, which was amazing. The agency is in constant contact with us, but we don't know for how long because the lockdown has been lifted there and we have no answers here.

Cigarettes and alcohol are banned. I think this is dangerous because people are now breaking into stores. They want their drink! When people are losing jobs or working less a small drink may calm nerves.
People are being arrested for breaking minor rules. Fines for not wearing masks in your car, with fines and imprisonment for stepping foot on the beach. I find these measures and punishments illogical and unfair.

Over the last two years I've worked really long hours and haven't taken weekends or holidays off, so it was really weird for me to go be home. I used to visit restaurants and wine farms with my sister whenever I had time. I loved this because as a chef it was a relief to sit somewhere and know it wasn't on me.

When things return to normal it may be busy at first as people will have missed going out. This'll be great for industry, but speaking of the virus I don't think it'll go away, perhaps just controlled.
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