film student majoring in Directing
Paris, France
I'm staying in my apartment in Paris, but during confinement I was staying at my friend's place. Measures in Paris were pretty strict, we could go out once a day with a special attestation. We had to write the reason for going out, such as going to the supermarket, pharmacy, visiting a doctor, etc. The confinement was 2 months long.

Self-isolation affects your life enormously. I wasn't able to have any classes since my education is mostly practical and requires a lot of equipment, studio, collaboration with other people. So, I hardly had any online classes. But still, the main problem for me was to survive this period psychologically. Staying trapped inside during a long period of time certainly isn't easy. What saved me is that I moved to my friend's place and we were supporting each other.

The hardest thing for me now is not being able to continue my work. And being away from my family.
The main revelation for me was that nothing can replace human contact. No matter what technology we use to communicate daily, it will never be able to replace a hug, a smile, a touch, a kind word from a friend, family member or even a passer-by. I think this situation showed the humanity how much we actually need each other. And how simplest things we overlook in everyday routine are actually the most valuable things.

But people tend to forget bad things quickly, so I doubt that the world will change much. Unfortunately.
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