senior yoga teacher
Canvey Island, Essex, England
We are about to enter the state of phase out of the lockdown, when you get out more often. The amount of cases are getting less but not quite enough. Most people are working from home. Schools will reopen next week. My wife is a teacher but she is also high risk, so she might be working from home. There's only a certain amount of kids going back to each class, but it is still scary.
Teaching yoga online has been really weird – you have to talk to about 20 people all the time without really seeing them on the small screen. I miss teaching people face to face. We've got a real community at my classes and everyone likes seeing each other, so when we are online the first 20 min people are catching up. I sit there and let them talk.

Overall, I am enjoying this time. We live about 100 metres from the sea, a little bit away from the cities. The last 2 months it's been sunshine nearly every day. I've spent so much time outdoors. We've had a lot of time together with my son and wife, we haven't been ill, we've played a lot of Frisbee-golf, I've cooked. It's been brilliant
But I think a lot of people suddenly realised that their whole life is in lockdown. When they are being told to stay at home and watch TV and that's all there is… They realised it's what they do everyday and started questioning a lot of things. To me it is the worst thing in the world, I want to be out! Enjoying my life was always the main thing.

On the downside, I don't think I'll have my second job to go back to in London. And teaching yoga is going to be hard because some people will have no work, so financially it's going to be challenging. With my wife being a school-teacher it is also going to be scary. So, it is the future that worries me, not the present.

But I try to live in the moment, and at this point in time I am good.
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