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Downtown Detroit, US
In Michigan, the state is just starting to open back up. The restrictions on what businesses and activities were allowed are very slowly being lifted as the number of cases go down. Michigan got hit by the virus very badly, compared to other states in the US, so we've had stricter restrictions for longer than normal. There were numerous regulations on what you're allowed to do and what is not allowed. Also, for 2 months only "essential" businesses were allowed to operate normally. The rest needed to provide employees with the ability to work from home.

I normally spend a lot of time at home anyway, so these restrictions didn't affect me that much. The most difficult thing for me has been taking care of my physical health. Having easy access to food at all times of the day makes it very easy to overeat, and it can be hard to get the motivation to go out and exercise. But I enjoy cycling when the weather is nice.
My family started to do a video call every Sunday to talk and watch a movie together. We haven't done anything together on a regular basis like this since we all moved away from home, so it has brought us closer together and helped us keep up on how everyone is doing. It's something that I've looked forward to each week. It has also made me appreciate my profession more. I have been lucky enough to continue working at the same job from home, and haven't had to worry about problems with finances.

I think once a vaccine has been given out to almost everyone, things will start to go back to normal. I hope that the world will be more prepared for the next time that something like this happens. I also think there will be a very big spike in the number of jobs that allow working from home. Companies will realize that it is a viable option, and they have been forced to set up a system to allow it now.
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