digital marketing consultant
Rotterdam, Netherlands
The first infected appeared in the south, where the carnival is celebrated at the end of February. On March 16, a self-isolation regime was announced, many places were closed, but it was allowed to walk in the streets. Working remotely has boosted our company's effectiveness, so now they plan to introduce a more flexible work mode.

I still feel like it won't happen to me, that some other people get sick. But as soon as I get a sore throat or start coughing, I start thinking that I had to be more careful. At some point, I stopped reading the news, although in the beginning I tracked the statistics every day. It is almost like I had a burnout from this news flow and manipulation with numbers.
During the lockdown, I broke up with my boyfriend. We dated for a year and a half, and he lived in Germany. Last year, we often spent weekends together, traveling back and forth. The relationship ended because there was finally time to slow down and think, to look differently at things that you usually ignore because of the crazy rhythm of life.

It became harder to stick to my daily routine. I noticed that the more I plan for myself, the more I manage to do. Now I have more time, but it has become more difficult to maintain self-discipline. When you don't even know what will happen in the future, you ask yourself "why does it matter?" On the other hand, I started working out more and spending more time in nature. For the first time in eight years of life in Rotterdam, I discovered many new parks (moving to another neighbourhood helped too).
I also participated in the Daily Nudes project. For 7 days we were completing different tasks and creating nude photographs. For me it was a therapy – to see how different all our bodies are helps to accept your own.

Now we are coming out of lockdown, but it is difficult to imagine how life will be now. I always had some sort of a trip planned, but now I am not expecting anything. But I can't say that I am in a great stress. One thing that makes me sad is that we had the sunniest spring in the history of Holland, but we could not fully enjoy it.
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