Vancouver, Canada
In winter I visited my parents in Canada, and the day before departure (March 17) it was announced that Canada is closing for quarantine. I realized that it will not be long till it reaches Moscow and that my main income would be suspended, since I would not be able to organize fashion shows and photo shoots. So, I changed my plans in a heartbeat and didn't fly out.

I've made a decision to apply to university in Canada, so every day I have English lessons and 5-hour preparation for exams. In general, I had a very pleasant and productive quarantine. I started eating healthily, cooking at home and have become much more neutral about restaurants. I do more sports.
On the downside, many events that I had counted on were cancelled. There is a lasting feeling of incompleteness, and I lost a lot of work. Also, sometimes I miss Moscow, which is unexpected. The place where I used to live, Khamovniki, walks along the embakment, breakfast in a cafe near the house. And my grandparents are still there.

From May 19, everything began to open up. Here quarantine is over, but we still have the habit of keeping social distance. I also think that all companies will go digital. Although it seems to me that you always need to have Plan B – to have the ability to work both online and offline and quickly switch when needed.
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